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Unlock Your Billionaire Potential with ATAS

New partners have the chance to benefit from profit sharing of up to 90%. This represents a one-time investment that can yield lifetime returns

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Unlock Your Billionaire Potential with ATAS

As a stakeholder, you can reap rewards such as enhanced earnings, generous commissions, and vast market expansion prospects. Our shareholder program is straightforward, and the agent system is not only user-friendly but also offers limitless possibilities.


Increased Income


Market Development Opportunities


High Commision

3 Levels of Atas Shareholder Program

ATAS Shareholder‘s plan has three mainly levels: Shareholders, Referrers, and Players


The Shareholder level gets 0.2% and ALL downline's ( Referrers & Players ) turnover




The Referrers level gets 0.5% and downline ( Players ) turnover




The Players level only gets 0.5% of own's turnover

Why are we better than other platforms

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ATAS Have Everything You Need

ATAS is a go-to platform in Malaysia for gaming and entrepreneurship. We offer a various games for players to enjoy and shareholder’s plan for entrepreneurship to become partners with ATAS.

24 Hours Customer Service

Access responsive 24-hour customer service for a seamless experience


User-friendly Online E-wallet

Benefit from online e-wallet for easy and convenient transactions


ATAS Android Application

Enjoy all of the games and features in ATAS Mobile App

ATAS is your best choice of Online Casino 

Why Choose ATAS Malaysia ?

Atas Casino is at the forefront with the highest number of partnerships in live casino offerings, showcasing renowned providers such as AG, PT, BG, GD. Our selection of slot games is filled with popular choices like 918KISS and LionKing. 

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Safe & Legal Games

ATAS offers a safe & legally compliant gaming platform 

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Shareholder Rewards

Enjoy increased income & high commissions

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Unlimited Potential

Partnering with ATAS opens doors to limitless possibilities

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24/7 Customer Service

Access responsive 24-hour customer service

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1 Minute App Download

Download the ATAS APP & start your betting journey

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Fast Withdrawals

Withdraw your earnings with a single click

Users High Rating Reviews

Honest reviews from our trusted and loyal customers from all over Malaysia

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